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Editorial: Taking papers represents censorship

Published: Thursday, March 4, 2010

Updated: Friday, April 30, 2010 12:04

Football cartoon

Melissa Archer

When we ran the story "Football players arrested in drug bust" in the Feb. 25 issue of The East Texan, we expected the football team to dislike it. What we did not expect was for the team to retaliate by taking all the copies of the Texan on campus and disposing of them, an act Head Coach Guy Morriss called "the best team building exercise we've ever done."

Perhaps, as an encore, the team could try stealing firearms from NRA members so they can violate the amendments of the Bill of Rights in order.

Coach Morriss seems to think the way to stop criticism of his program is the same way you stop opponents on the football field: by hitting them in the mouth. The problem is, this is not a game, and just as Morriss seems to think he does not have to play by rules laid out in the U.S. Constitution, we in turn do not have to let petty bully tactics interfere with what we feel is our duty: to report on what happens at this campus, both good and bad.

With the amount of money being funneled into the athletic department now, the students paying the bills deserve to know how those funds are being used. If a team performs well, people want to know that. If players on one of those teams are arrested for allegedly selling drugs out of their dorm room, the people paying for them to be here, the students, want to know that too.

The East Texan is not out to get the football team or any other organization on campus. We are proud of our school, and we want to have teams we can believe in and root for. If Coach Morriss will worry less about "team building exercises" and more on running a quality program, perhaps that dream can still be achieved.

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Joel T
Fri Mar 5 2010 18:08
@ mswriter journalist: Your comment makes no sense. You're comparing people graduating with a degree with people participating in an extracurricular activity -- and not taking their degree into account. Most collegiate athletes are well aware that they will not be playing professionally. Most go off to college not expecting to make the pros, but rather to earn a degree and obtain a job.

That is all. Goodbye.

mswriter journalist
Thu Mar 4 2010 21:29
Hi Boggled. Have you ever checked to see how many "terrible journalists" have graduated from Texas A&M University -Commerce? Better yet, have you asked the Alumni Association how many of these journalists have made it to great papers across the country?

I am willing to be the number far exceeds the number of football players that have graduated from A&M -Commerce and made it to the pros.

Combine that with censorship and violation of first amendment right and who knows? You might have a story after all.

That is all. Goodbye.

Robert Reed
Thu Mar 4 2010 14:54
Cartoons such as this one and the new "football icon" on the front page of the physical paper that says "FREE, each additional paper is 25 cents" just go to show you serious this paper is taking iteslf. In the midst of this media outrage, I figured the East Texan would not to stoop so low as to put low brow crap like this and the football icon into the school paper. It is unprofessionalism such as this that this paper has been calling out the athletic department on, and here ya'll are sptting in right back in the athletic department's face.

"The East Texan is not out to get the football team or any other organization on campus."

Haven't gotten off to such a great start.

Joel T
Thu Mar 4 2010 12:46
Let me precede my impending statements with this one: I agree 100% with the editorial staff of The East Texan that censorship should not be tolerated and that the individuals who were actually part of this charade get punished. The football players who were part of stealing copies of the newspapers should be ashamed of themselves and their actions – it is not their place to limit the speech of the campus's news service.

That said, I do not agree with the actions taken on behalf of The East Texan. I love reading the newspaper – I honestly read it every Thursday. So what puzzles me is why the editor of the East Texan has used Texas A&M (College Station) and its newspaper, The Battalion, as a platform to spread this news. Why use another newspaper when we have a perfectly capable staff here? I think the goal was to cause the current crapstorm, if you will, of media coverage. The editor of The East Texan knew that Texas A&M has a large alumni base, and that the story would likely make national coverage if he called his friends and had them follow up on the story.

To say that the staff doesn't have it out for anyone or any entity on campus is misleading: they have it out for Coach Morriss. Yes, he made pompous and downright stupid statements, but as I am sure the staff of The East Texan knows, he is not the brainchild of this catastrophe that has caused our university to become the laughing stock of the entire nation.

MaryK Croft
Thu Mar 4 2010 12:01
Another anonymous commenter speaks without fear of correction. Have you successfully completed both Freshman English classes yet? Do you recognize your own terrible writing?

Meanwhile, I read this newspaper both online and in hard copy form, and agree that sometimes there are indeed errors in spelling, usage, and punctuation. I would love to see a proofreader job open up, but I guarantee that would not improve Boggled blahblahblah's own grammatical faux pas. I am certainly not afraid of signing my name here.

Keep up the good work. And bop on over next door to the Hall of Languages and find a proofreader; then people will no longer be able to nitpick based on simple mistakes that they make also.

Boggled blahblahblah
Thu Mar 4 2010 02:00
You guys just need to lay off already with this crap, your paper has always been full of errors and terrible writing. Now jump all over this like TMZ, truth is the football program and newspaper have been laughing stock ever since I came here.

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