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East Texan issues stolen from racks

UPD investigating thefts, football players implicated

Published: Thursday, February 25, 2010

Updated: Thursday, March 4, 2010 12:03

Lost Texans

James Bright

All issues of The East Texan distributed on campus newspaper racks were stolen Thursday morning.

The Feb. 25 editions of The East Texan, which were distributed throughout the campus of Texas A&M University-Commerce, were stolen from their racks between 7 a.m. and 8 a.m. Feb. 25.

Crime Information Officer Lt. Jason Bone said an investigation is underway, which has led him to believe members of the football team are responsible for the theft. Bone said cameras located on campus have recorded several men stealing the papers. Some of the men recorded have been identified as football players according to Bone.

None of the issues distributed outside of the university were stolen.

The top story on the front page of the Feb. 25 issue was about two football players who were arrested in a drug bust, which may have contributed to the motive for the thefts.

Those who want a copy of the Feb. 25 edition can pick one up at the Commerce Police Department, Cowhill Express Coffee Company and Drunken Mule Saloon while supplies last.

More on this story as it develops.

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Andrea Troxtell
Tue Mar 2 2010 21:33
oh, and the east texan didn't start sharpening the axe, the recruiting team coach started it by threatening them not to print an article that was accurate by police records. Yes, the articles are accurate! Before they print anything, they check police records and talk to people involved to make sure they put out the right story. And the first paper is free, but after that, they're 25 cents. And last time I checked, if your going around taking papers to hide something, that probably counts as stealing.
Andrea Troxtell
Tue Mar 2 2010 21:27
Dear Lion Alum,
My brother wrote one of the stories about the football players and the kids involved in stealing the computers, he knew, so it seems you need to check your facts because you don't know what your talking about. That one kid from the east texan did not actually steal the thousands of dollars of computers that you claim he did. The story was in fact on the front page of the newspaper when it happened with the mug shots of the kids, so it seems like you need to do some more reading. As far as the paper's being stolen goes,the coach referred to it as a good "Team building" exercise. Everything that's being said should be said by the paper because this is riduculous. It's time for the athletic system to realize that they are not invincible and cant get away with whatever they want.
Lion Alum
Tue Mar 2 2010 01:23
I didn't realize people still looked for athletics info from the school paper. It's been horrid for years. Everyone who is really into the athletics around here go to for their info anyway. Now that that East Texan has an obvious axe to grind, it's probably a good idea to start looking elsewhere for accurate TAMC info anyway.
Boggled blahblahblah
Mon Mar 1 2010 22:46
In reality, the athletics and paper are on about equal level on this campus. They are both utter garbage, I like how they are warring each other, yet both of them are the two biggest laughing stocks on campus. I literally had a professor who would pick out errors in the paper every week during class then spend the majority of each class day per week nitpicking about how much of a garbage paper it was, and he was oh so right.

Athletics just as hilarious, idiots pass this referendum so we pay more for tuition to bring in more drug dealer athletes, ah gotta love the world these days.

Concerned AboutEthics
Mon Mar 1 2010 11:53
Mr Boggled: It was not marjuna possession, read the actual story. They were actual drug dealers selling marijuana like common street thugs. What a disgrace. I am a second generation Lion Alum and I am ashamed about this whole debacle.

Also to Lion Alum: you make a good point, but the real issue here to me is the lack of leadership and ethics shown here by athletics. Instead of dealing with their issues, they thought they could cover up and hide. Now its worse.

Boggled blahblahblah
Mon Mar 1 2010 04:10
Between the terrible editing and ridiculous stories, this sham of a newspaper deserves anything it gets. Why on Earth would you consistently post pictures of students being arrested for petty crimes like marijuana possession completely baffles me.

Also if you're going to do this, then damn sure be able to edit your own paper properly at least. Also wasn't it journalism students caught up in the whole Mac theft debacle over the summer? Yea...that's what I thought. And I agree, how can you steal something that is clearly labeled as free? lmao whine more please, get over yourselves.

Lion Alum
Fri Feb 26 2010 17:57
I'm still trying to figure out how someone can be accused of stealing something that is free? If I take too many free peppermints from a restaurant while leaving, is that theft?

Sounds like some kids made a dumb mistake. You guys need to chill out.

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